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Paid advertising on social media platforms

“Paid social media, done right, can be the most efficient form of performance marketing.” – Christian Haberl | CEO of HUMANBRAND

We take care of the optimal planning and implementation of your marketing campaign.

Advertising placements on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram currently offer the most cost-effective and efficient opportunities for modern marketing. In addition to lower costs and better measurability of success, social media advertising allows for better and more accurate targeting compared to other marketing efforts, dialogue instead of one-way communication, and optimization for sales or lead generation.

HUMANBRAND clients benefit from our years of experience especially in the field of paid social media with over a thousand performance and conversion optimized campaigns since 2008. This know-how not only lies with our experienced team members, but is also available to us in the form of comprehensive data for future campaigns. As one of the leading social media agencies in German-speaking countries, we have personal account managers and contact persons at all common social media platforms (Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, XING, TikTok …) as well as Google/YouTube.
This gives us access to easier troubleshooting and direct support and strategic assistance from our contacts.

Higher cost efficiency

Better targeting options

Most accurate measurement of success

Dialog marketing, instead of one-way communication

Contact data, sales contacts, leads

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Paid social media, in contrast to purely organic social media communication, makes it possible to drastically increase reach and at the same time reach target groups precisely – by means of targeting. Measurable results can be achieved through accurate tracking and conversion optimization, so social media advertising can be a form of performance marketing. Achieving this performance requires sufficient budgeting and continuous optimization. Optimization also includes A/B testing of the advertising message, through targeting to the social media platform used. Compared to traditional forms of advertising, paid social media stands out for its lower costs, and compared to other forms of online marketing, it shines for its better targeting and measurability.

By commissioning a social media campaign from HUMANBRAND, you receive all services from a single source. Included is the entire planning, coordination and execution of your campaign – from briefing, strategy, forecasting, advertising media creation, media buying, targeting and performance optimization to performance measurement and reporting.
Even in the run-up to a campaign, we work closely with you as the client and guide you step by step through set-up and conception. Together, we define your primary and secondary goals and create the ideal social media mix for maximum efficiency at the lowest possible cost. Ongoing optimization – also between the individual platforms – enables the best results, which are reported to you extensively and promptly after the end of the campaign – for competent support and transparency until the end.

Depending on the pre-defined goals and target groups, paid social media campaigns can be optimized in different ways.

  • Awareness: Impressions, Reach, Video Views

  • Consideration: Engagement, Followers, Social Selling Opportunities

  • Preference: Link clicks or traffic to the website

  • Conversion: Purchases, leads, app installs, event registrations, downloads of eBooks, whitepapers, etc.

  • Loyalty: Usage, App Engagement

  • Advocacy: fans, employees and partners as brand ambassadors, retention

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