Editing and creation

Content and messages for social media marketing

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.” – Andrew Davis

Strong content: They are the only means to attract attention. Since social media marketing is a form of content marketing, content and editorial planning are critical to success. With good content, you can convince potential customers and existing customers and position yourself as a thought leader. The thoughtful creation of creative and meaningful content is therefore the core task of the editorial team.

HUMANBRAND clients benefit from our years of experience in creating valuable, useful and relevant social media content. HUMANBRAND provides editorial support and proactive content creation for over 60 channels with over 4 million followers for small and large companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We have also developed guides and strategies for our clients on how to use ideal content for B2B lead generation or thought-leadership positioning. Word-smiths, trained translators and professional proofreading in several languages guarantee the highest quality in linguistic expression. We also share our knowledge with our international customers in virtual and on-site training sessions.

Especially in B2B communication , valuable, relevant and useful content is more important for the target audience than “audience entertainment”. Messages need to be audience-centric instead of company or product-centric. People communicate with people – so you should definitely speak the language of the target group.
A clearly defined tone of voice, brand guidelines and templates help to communicate in a consistent, recognizable yet varied way.
Attention – but not at any price.
Thumbstopper: Yes! Clickbaiting: No!
Social media content is teaser content: content must animate, contain calls to action, and trigger an action.
Expertise is important: The company and its employees should be perceived as “thought leaders” and “trusted advisors” .
Content must be error-free and professional, but at the same time approachable and human.
This is how you build trust and foster sustainable customer relationships.
Contet-Strategie-Netzwerk Grafik

Successful implementation requires:

Messages, target groups, goals

Content strategy

Editorial planning

Content creation for:


Lead generation

Paid, Organic and Personal

Thought Leadership

Quality control

‘From HUMANBRAND you get a social media presence from a single mold:
We tailor the perfect social media mix (the right platforms) to your company, your values and your target group(s): Together with you, we create a content strategy tailored to your company, your brand and your target group, as well as an editorial plan. We design content that appeals to your target group and sparks dialogue: texts, images and videos that appeal. This is how we achieve awareness, reach and engagement – and ultimately thought leadership and acquisition. Whether for editorial content or advertising material for marketing measures – we coordinate text and images and create a consistent “look & feel”. From content curation to publication, our clients’ postings are in our practiced hands. We analyze and refine the content through regular reports.

HUMANBRAND takes over the editorial support of your channels:

Creation of a content strategy

Content creation for social media posts or ads: texts, images, sliders, videos, animations …

Quality control and proofreading

Reporting, feedback and recommendations for action

Eine Grafik auf welcher man sieht, wie man einen idealen Post erstellt
Social media marketing is not just a form of content marketing.
The social media posts themselves only work in conjunction with “long-form content.”

Landing pages and lead magnets or online stores

Whitepapers, E-Books

Events, Webinars

Testimonials, customer references

Company blogs

Studies and surveys

Product details and how-tos

Ask our experts:

Take the free social media check: Find out the individual social media maturity level of your company or organization and receive important recommendations for action from us!

Take the free social media check: Find out the individual social media maturity level of your company or organization and receive important recommendations for action from us!

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