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Social media marketing: maturity analysis for companies and organizations

“Without proper self-evaluation, failure is inevitable.”- John Wooden

Find out the individual social media maturity level of your organization and receive important recommendations for action from us!

Based on our years of experience with clients of all sizes and industries, we at HUMANBRAND have developed a questionnaire that provides a glimpse of a company’s maturity level with regard to social media and social media marketing. Adapted to the size of your company, we offer you an assessment of your social media maturity level and provide you with concrete recommendations for action based on this assessment.

Are you and your business ready for social media? Is there a need for improvement? Could you achieve more? Where should you start?
Based on our years of experience with clients of all sizes and industries, we at HUMANBRAND have developed a questionnaire that provides a glimpse of a company’s maturity level with regard to social media and social media marketing. Adapted to the size of your company, we offer you a location assessment: your social media maturity level. Based on this, we will provide you with concrete recommendations for action that can be implemented quickly.

HUMANBRAND Media GmbH is a social media agency with over 15 years of experience in online marketing and over 10 years of experience in social media marketing. The focus is on performance-optimized social media campaigns in both the B2C and B2B sectors.
The service portfolio ranges from consulting, lectures and workshops to paid social media campaigns and agency support in the areas of creation, editing and community management.
Benefit from our experience and uncover the strengths and weaknesses of your social media presence together with us!

Six categories of maturity

Six categories were developed for the maturity model, which basically play an important role for all companies:

  • Listen & Strategize

    Social media is part of marketing – a holistic strategy that is aligned with the company’s marketing goals should therefore always form the basis of all social media measures. This strategy should be defined and written down with the involvement of the management and across departments. You should define specific and measurable goals and set time points by which these goals are to be achieved. Here, it is important to know your target group, to listen to what (potential) customers want, and also to observe the competition, existing customers and possible partners with regard to their social media activities. The learnings generated from this, as well as the company’s goals and internal needs, form the basis of the strategy.

  • Organize & Collaborate

    Organization and collaboration are especially important to the success of social media marketing. The speed of social media and user expectations demand real-time communication, which is only possible with clear, flat organizational structures. At the same time, it is important to communicate not only quickly, but also in a highly professional and error-free manner. In order to achieve the goals defined in the strategy, cooperation between a wide range of departments is also absolutely essential. It is also important that every single employee feels involved in the social media communication, contributes his or her part and thus becomes a brand ambassador. Customers and partners should also act as brand ambassadors.

  • Create & Be Relevant

    Content and editorial planning are important for success because social media marketing is largely a form of content marketing, and with good content you can win over potential customers and existing customers and position yourself as a thought leader. It is often difficult to find the intersection between the expectations of the target group(s) and the company’s own goals. Relevance, quality, a balanced mix of topics and a certain regularity are more important than quantity. Social media posts for ends in themselves or solely to entertain existing followers are not advisable. This is how social media content can increase reach and raise brand awareness. Planning ahead helps to achieve these goals.

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  • Engage in Conversation

    Unlike other marketing tools, social media offers the unique opportunity to truly communicate at eye level with customers and potential customers. In addition to shares, likes, and reactions, visitors can also leave comments or direct messages. This creates expectations on the part of the customer, but at the same time opportunities for the company. Quick, professional responses and clear language and tone that fit the company and target audience are a must for credible community management. The opportunity to proactively engage in conversations, even away from your own channels, is not to be missed. There are also many opportunities for customer service and customer loyalty.

  • Promote & Target

    Paid social media, unlike purely organic social media communications, allows you to dramatically increase reach and precisely target audiences. Measurable results can be achieved through accurate tracking and conversion optimization, so social media advertising can be a form of performance marketing. Achieving this performance requires sufficient budgeting and continuous optimization. Optimization also includes A/B testing of the advertising message, targeting and the social media platform used. Compared to traditional forms of advertising, paid social media stands out due to lower costs. Compared to other forms of online marketing, it shines with better targeting and measurability.

  • Measure & Refine

    Social media marketing is data-driven marketing. Set goals, measure the results and learn from them! Tracking and analytics tools, as well as conversion tracking pixels, are useful for measuring results. Whether organic or paid, seamless tracking and reporting allows you to not only measure what worked well and what didn’t work so well, but also to compare impact to effort, and thus prioritize actions that will help you achieve the most with the least amount of effort. Automation by connecting social media to tools from other online marketing disciplines, such as CRM or marketing automation, also offers tremendous opportunities.

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