Community Management &

Social Listening

Communicate at eye level and gain valuable insights in the process

“With good social media marketing, an audience becomes a community.” – Christian Haberl.

We take care of the concerns of your communities and inspire users for your corporate values.

Listen and respond: Social media lives through interaction. Online communities are among the most important components of corporate communications; nowhere are you closer to your customers. Listen to what is being said about you here. Respond quickly and professionally – in clear language and the right tone. Suitable for the company, suitable for the target audience. This creates invaluable added value for your company.

As a leading social media agency in the DACH region, we manage up to 60 social media channels for large and small clients with a total of over 4 million followers and process over 20,000 comments & messages there per year.
Building on this expertise, our team exemplifies your corporate values through dedicated community management at eye level. The declared goal here is to turn social media fans into real brand ambassadors who represent your company with full zeal and generate valuable insights and feedback for you.

The most important task of community management is to constantly promote dialogue. Engaged moderation causes intensive exchange and thus brings the users that lasting added value, which is the basis for an emotional connection. Social listening and targeted monitoring (attentive analysis) allow you to identify critical topics in advance. Negative aspects of social media communication, such as criticism, must also be handled professionally: With the right strategy, you protect your brand. Targeted reporting presents successes and developments in order to learn from them for future strategies.

Professional community management includes:

Quick, competent response to comments and queries

Hide negative comments

Deleting offensive/illegal comments

Block unwanted users

Forwarding errors in posts and ads (text errors, broken links, etc.)

Sharing customer feedback and insights

Customer service, pre-sales and support (optional) or passing on of (technical) customer questions.

Suggestions for useful content based on community feedback and frequently asked questions

Community management and engagement, like all of our measures, also starts directly at the marketing funnel and is one of the most important means of keeping customer retention high in the social media age. The opportunity to proactively engage in conversations, even away from your own channels, is not to be missed. There are also many opportunities for customer service and customer loyalty. By means of target group analyses and building on our know-how in managing presences with seven-digit fan numbers, we find the ideal communication strategy for your company.

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Put community management for your social media channels in the experienced hands of HUMANBRAND community managers:

  • We respond professionally:

    At eye level with your followers, we communicate in catchy terms, for your customers, with your content, through contemporary tools.

  • We react with foresight:

    We define clear goals and clear responsibilities together with you in advance. So that freedom enables unrestrained action and the right thing can be done immediately in the event of a crisis: This is how we counter detractors and trolls efficiently and decisively.

  • We react competently:

    If desired, we can draw on or build up in-house expertise or provide it through appropriate specialist personnel.
    Detailed support requests will be forwarded to you and answered after guidance has been received.

  • We respond quickly:

    We agree individual response times with you in a service level agreement. Typically, this is a few hours on weekdays and 24 hours on non-working days. However, more intensive intervals can be arranged.

Proactive community management not only reacts, but actively connects with social media users away from their own channels to create mutual value.
Users expect competent and quick answers to questions in social media. Therefore, also use customer service and support as well as social listening and social monitoring as an opportunity to use the insights gained to

  • Making business decisions,
  • Improve products for your customers,
  • create useful content and
  • Reduce costs

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